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    Attend list
  • Choise of attend, absent, tbd
  • Fixed member. Members are decided by an administrator
  • Option to have attendee numbers
  • Option of Password protectoin
  • Easy setup
  • There is a SSI version of Attend list.
  • There is Check box which can be set items and optoins freely.
  1. Put attlist2.cgi into a CGI executable and writable directory.
  2. Modify the Perl path of the first line of the attlist2.cgi to match your server environment.
  3. Modify permission of attlist2.cgi properly.
  4. Open attlist2.cgi on your browser. Then it will ask admin password. Please set it here.
  5. Once set the password, the CGI will work as an Attend list. Click the "admin setup" link and set the CGI environement.
  6. You can also set attendees in the admin page as well.
  7. Now you can use it as an attend list.
  8. Initially, none of status is set. Please set all of them to init or tbd.

Sample and Source

    Sample Sample of admin setup

Revision history
  • Ver 4.0 : 10/12/05 : Created as a non-SSI version.