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    Crypt Edit
  • Edit any text and save it with encryption
  • Since any text file is not stored in the server, even temporarily, no one(even server administrator) cannot see the contents. Good for memorize your secret information.
  • People who know the key can browse the contents
  • Can specify either text format or html format when you save the text
  • Personal password distincted from the key is used to modify or delete saved texts
  • Either administrator only mode or user mode can be selected
  • In admin only mode, only administrator can register, modify and edit
  • In user mode, anyone can register and the one who knows the password can modify and edit
  • In user mode, the encryption key is only known by the registered person. Even server administrator or site owner cannot know the key.
  • Multiple pages can be saved
  • Encrypted by the Blowfish algorithm
  • Easy setup by the admin page
  • If you want to upload a file with an encryption, Crypt Page 4 and Crypt Page 5are provided.


  1. The Perl packages of Crypt::CBC, Crypt::Blowfish must be installed in your server.
  2. Put crpedit.cgi into a CGI executable and writable directory.
  3. If necessary, create a new directory to store data file. It can be the same as where the CGI is located without creating a new one.
  4. Modify the Perl path of the first line of the crpedit.cgi to match your server environment.
  5. Modify permission of crpedit.cgi properly.
  6. Open crpedit.cgi on your browser. Then it will ask admin password. Please set it here.
  7. Once set the password, Click the "admin setup" link and set the CGI environement.
  8. Now you can use it as Crypt Edit.
Sample and CGI
    Sample Sample of setup page

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